Fundamentals of Decision Making

Do you make lots of decisions?

Are you making the right decisions?

What is the best way to make a decision?
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Fundamentals of Decision Making is a workshop (live & online) that equips people with the tools to for effective decision making. It’s a workshop developed from evidence-based research and years of experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frontline employee, a supervisor, or occupy a corner office. Every day we are challenged by decisions. It’s a constant struggle to decide what to do, where to focus efforts, and decide who we make time for. Some of these decisions are insignificant.

Some decisions are life-changing.

How do you know you’re making the right decision?

In that moment, when your gut twists and you blanche at the prospect of the next meeting. It’s something we all face. It’s not easy. You want to make sure that the decision won’t come back to bite you. You’re hoping the side-effects aren’t worse than the diagnosis…

Ultimately- it begins with breaking down a decision to its fundamental layers. Where do you start? With the problem.

If you don’t understand the problem you face- you will inevitably fail.

So classify the problem- and define it. Once you fully grasp it, you can set out to the next step…

Create specifications for a successful resolution.

If your problem is the dishes keep piling up (a simple problem most of us face)- what does a successful outcome look like?

Do you want to have clean dishes one time and call it good? Or do you want to have an empty sink three times a week?

Having a clear, concise, and successful resolution is necessary for good decision making.

Once you know what a good solution is- decide what is right. If a successful outcome is to have an empty sink three times a week, a decision to clean dishes three times a week would be ‘right’.

Now what?

As an old mentor once said- a decision without action is just a thought.

How do you ensure the decision gets follow-through?

Build execution into the decision. Make sure the decision forces you to take action. If your decision doesn’t have execution built-in, it will be that much more difficult to make.

There’s only one more step- test.

Take your decision and test the validity of the choice against the real world.

Perhaps you want to have an empty sink four days out of the week. Your decision is that you will do the dishes four nights a week.

One problem: you work nights. Against the real world, this decision would be invalid, impossible. So change the decision: “I decide to do dishes four times a week as part of my morning ritual.”

Would this satisfy the problem? Is it more than just ‘acceptable’- is it a right decision? Does it have execution built in?

Can it work in the real world?

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But let’s be honest- even if you’ve tried your hardest and taken all the right steps…

You can still make bad decisions.

After all- you’re human, and there are billions of us on the planet. We each have agency over our own decisions…and sometimes that produces conflicts. These issues can make what would be a good decision into the realm of the bad.

What do you do when you’ve made a bad decision?

This workshop is the best way to learn about proper decision making. Its elements, steps, and how to recover from poor decisions.

You’ve already learned some actionable ideas…but the devil’s in the details.

To be truly successful at decision making- invest in yourself and learn the ins and outs.

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