In our marketing workshop, we examine the 7 P’s of Marketing: People, Product, Proof, Price, Place, Promotion, and Process.

We look at the people involved in your business: your customers, your team, and your competitors. We will help you assess their skills and attributes, competencies and culture and look at your offering through the lens of sustaining and disruptive innovation.

Proof lies in the branding of your offering: the identity, image, positioning, personality, equity, experience, differentiation, communication, gap, and extension of the brand.

Price involves your pricing philosophy, profitability strategy, pricing strategy, price setting, price getting, and pricing zones.

Place involves how you deliver your offering to your customers—is it geographical, physical, or digital?

We explore promotion (the one thing everybody associates with marketing) and market research, advertising, digital media, event marketing, direct marketing, and social media.

Lastly, you will learn about the processes of customer service and customer experiences.