Fundamentals of Sales

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Discover How to Sell With Confidence So You Can Make More Money!

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Fundamentals of Sales

Do you know you can sell with confidence by using the techniques we teach in this course?

Do you ever wonder why your prospects don’t buy from you?

Here’s the secret…most salespeople are never taught how to sell! They are really good with people, so they think they would make a great salesperson. That’s kinda like being really good at carving turkeys and thinking you would make a great surgeon!

I’ve been selling for more than 30 years…and yes, I’ve been taught how to sell through formal training programs AND the toughest school of all, the real world.

Let me explain. Selling requires aptitude, attitude, behaviors and skills…and if you miss out on even one of those, you are doomed to pathetic sales results.

You can ignore these facts and continue making meager profits, struggling with poor results, looking at the skinny kids you’re raising and the starving look in their eyes…

Or you can choose a different path, one that leads you to success!

The big question on my clients minds is, “How can I make more money?”

Many clients come to me with a fear of selling…or the crazy idea that selling is an old-fashioned way to do business…or worse, that people hate being sold to.

The truth is, we don’t hate being sold to…

We hate being sold to by a bad salesperson!

I’ve been selling everything from coffee cups to high-end professional services for more than 30 years…even selling ideas (one of the hardest things in the world to sell).

It took me nearly 20 years to master selling, but I have finally perfected the approach and, 10 years later, want to share my 30+ years of expertise with you.

Now you can have confidence when you sell too.

Inside the Fundamentals of Sales, you’ll find 10 modules of 75 in-depth video training lessons.

Here’s What You’re Going to Get in the Fundamentals of Sales:

  • Module 1: Sales Overview
  • Module 2: 12 Attributes of a Great Salesperson
  • Module 3: 6 Principles of Influence
  • Module 4: Marketing
  • Module 5: Sales Process
  • Module 6: Buying Process
  • Module 7: How to Write a Proposal
  • Module 8: Business Knowledge
  • Module 9: 12 Behaviors of Great Salespeople
  • Module 10: Tactics of Great Salespeople
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When you complete this course, you will know how to:

  • identify if you have the aptitude to become a great salesperson
  • use scientifically proven principles of influence to help your prospects become more successful
  • write contract-winning proposals
  • modify your own behavior to maximize your success
  • use the proven tactics of great salespeople!

Today, you can begin to become a great salesperson or you can continue to experience lousy results. But there is a cost of inaction:

  • getting fired
  • meager profits
  • poor results
  • raising skinny kids because you can’t put food on the table
  • fights with your partner over the lack of money in your bank account
  • the stress caused by the lack of confidence in what you do

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