Ethics: A Question of Character

Available as an Online Course & Live Workshop

Ethics: A Question of Character

People don’t seem to know what they believe, let alone why they believe it. Families, businesses, government— everywhere we turn, we see signs of decay and corruption.

We are yearning for authenticity, but not in who we are but in who we could be— the best version of us. We want to be true to that version of us, but we don’t know how to achieve that.

This is primarily because we don’t know what we believe and why we believe it. We have led unexamined lives and now find ourselves in the crucible, being tested by economic and social uncertainty. The flaws are showing, the defects are being revealed, and we are sliding down the chute toward a life that lacks meaning and true wealth.

This workshop is designed to make you think, perhaps about things you never have before. It is designed to get you started down the road to discovering who you really are.

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